I am No longer Working as a Silversmith !  - I Will Notify You On This Page... If I Return!!!
This.business specializes in SILVER jewelry and repairs, but GOLD will be added in the near future!

Guaranteed the real thing!  -  Silver Jewelry Repairs  -  Everett and Seattle Washington Areas - USA
All Sterling -or- Sterling/Turquoise Combination
Exclusive Designs To Fit Your Creative Needs!
Ham Radio "call sign" Jewelry included - Just ask!
Do you have older broken silver jewelry? I will repair it - and return it shiney and looking brand new!.

Sterling Silver and Turquoise is "Coming Back" !!!
First things first!.......Contact me by Email!
I am No longer Working as a Silversmith !  - Will Notify You On This Page... If I Return!!!
Altair Walker (Silversmith)  -  Altair@royalstar-productions.com
(425) ..212-9961
( Washington State - USA )
If you have Silver Jewelry that needs repair, please contact me. If you are not local, and wish to ship me your Silver -or- Silver/Turquoise jewelry (first class mail), I will repair it for you and send it back to you at our pre-arranged price. You will be expected to pay sales tax on new exclusive jewelry. Shipping and handling charges apply. Concerning repaired items, shipping and handling will apply, however, there will be no sales tax added on jewelry repairs. All prices and costs will be agreed upon in writing, via email, in advance of any transaction.  All exclusive jewelry and repairs are guaranteed for 30 days.

Most Repairs and Custom Jewelry (bymail) must be paid in advance, by prior arrangement.

My Personal Guarantee: If the jewelry repair or your "Exclusive Design" does not meet your "original agreement" expectation, send it back, and I will repair/redesign a particular area of the item (at least once) to a normal, prudent, and reasonable degree. I am so certain of my work, that in a case of this nature, any shipping and handling charges for the second immediate repair will be waived. It would be helpful if you could email me a "picture" of each individual item that needs repair. That way I could "evaluate" the actual cost of each particular piece to be repaired, and give you a more accurate estimate, before you actually mail it. (Some repair costs will be listed on this page at some point.) If you are able to deliver the jewelry in person, some jewelry may repaired while you wait. That would save you money on shipping, and give you immediate service.

- Additional.Pictures.Will.Be.Added.To.This.Page Hopefully Sometime.Soon. -

Silver Essence Jewelry
Silver Essence Jewelry - is a registered trade name.
It is accompied by a valid business license - in the State of Washington - USA

Hours:  M-F 12:00 NOON - 6:00 PM
Closed Saturday and Sunday
(But Always Accepting Email Requests!)

(425) 212-9961
( Washington State - USA )

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