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Based on the spiritual life of Altair, this book offers a glimpse into the very incredible side of reality. It inspires and challenges the mind of all human kind. Although some chapters may appear to be "Out Of This World", the pages will radiate with a quality of divine knowledge and wisdom you can understand.

My true and purposeful intent for writing this book is based on two main reasons. First, by sharing very significant portions of my life, where I could expose many personal experiences that people of this earth have rarely known or even remotely understood. This relates to spiritual things that the great majority of people may not uniquely understand, and therefore I would like to share these extraordinary sequences with you. Secondly, my own first hand experience will give you the opportunity to gain extraordinary knowledge. Knowledge that you can someday use as wisdom.

INCREDIBLE  REALITY!   I have chosen this title because it represents the most profound contents and true nature of my book.

What you will read in this book, may cause you to reach into the depth of your soul and search for more refined spiritual talents. It may help you to evolve, and reach heights you never knew before were possible. Only the spiritually advanced have come to realize, that if you look for the truth outside of yourself, the truth will only get further and further away. This book will help explain many important values which reveal the greater truths, and will help you to explore yourselves more thoroughly.

Among these pages you will learn how one human being, not noticeably different from you, succeeded in mastering his individual self. In the process, I have gained a broad and completely new frequency of understanding. It was not only a more thorough understanding about life on earth, but of human life that really exists in other places. This includes of course, the higher unseen dimensions. It is my sincere hope that this book will be invaluable to those of you who are sincere, and now find yourself on the very threshold of true spiritual development.

In the first chapter, you will probably have fun reading how my life began to escalate from one exciting adventure into another. From being a recording artist, to becoming a stunt man in Hollywood. Then being the guest on several TV shows and meeting several well known movie stars. Experience in the field of law enforcement as a police officer and a deputy sheriff is also in the first chapter, and then on to becoming a commercial pilot. I continue to explain about my trip through the guarded gates of NASA, where I met the universally well known Carl Sagan and some of the scientists of S.E.T.I.. (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) Later on in the book, the details are given of how I made actual voice contact with Susan Helms, a female astronaut aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery. The contact was on my ham radio while the Discovery was traveling through space at about 17,500 miles per hour.

As you progress farther into other chapters, the subject matter will begin to take on a more serious tone and become much more deeply involved! I feel that if you prepare yourself for a totally new way of thinking, it would help you to adjust to the forthcoming subject matter. Very gradual explanations will always lead you into each of the refined subjects, in hopes that it will help you to understand my experiences more thoroughly.

Outlined in various chapters in this book, are other subjects that you may find very revealing. Have you ever wondered where those mysterious Halo's portrayed above the heads of certain individuals in the bible came from? In this book you will learn who the givers of these rare and divine gifts really are. You will read how I was "beamed" (as in laser-light beams) many times from an inter-dimensional spacecraft over a four year period, and in one specific incident,  the laser type beams had an incredible healing affect as a result of it. Read how, within a clear midnight sky, I was able to vividly view the actual texture of the wind, potentially unheard of on this plane. In addition to these experiences, there were the times when I was able to actually hear the harmonic music of the universe, as well as recall some of my past life times. Life times within our earth, which some of us refer to as the "Inner Earth". I was a guest on three live radio shows in Phoenix Arizona, one of which was the radio station KFYI, where I spoke on these very same subjects.

By reading this book, you may well become convinced that people just like yourself, do in fact experience many life times after the so called death experience, and ultimately realize that reincarnation is truly a factual process.

The book also explains about my "two" separate N.D.E.'s. (Near Death Experiences) In the depth of this experience, I clairvoyantly saw a male Lion which appeared before me in vivid living color, and snarled wildly at me! Each of the two N.D.E.'s occurred identically and approximately one year a part. Suprisingly enough, on the second N.D.E., (a year later) the exact same male Lion appeared before me... yet again! Much later on, in order to test my courage beyond fear, I was able to successfully walk a fiery bed of red hot coals bare footed, having never burned my feet. During my learning process, there were the trials and errors of receiving spiritual guidance from an entity called Korton. The lengthy process in refining the accuracy of these communications was not an easy task, and occurred over a fifteen year period. In this book, there are 24 divine meditations on becoming yourself. These were offered courtesy of Korton.

At a particular point, and beyond my awareness, I was literally tested by those unseen. Their purpose for this testing was to accurately determine whether or not I  had actually reached my true spiritual destination. The most joyous of all my experiences were the incredible rewards that were given to me afterwards. The rewards were given by an Ascended Master, which I had not anticipated as they came as a complete surprise. The rewards are explained in this book, and are outlined in the sequence in which they divinely occurred. I should add that they were highly positive and very sacred in nature. At this point, Korton gave me the spiritual name, Altair, for reaching my highest spiritual quest. I now feel I am able to display in my life, some of the most refined qualities of knowledge, spiritual understanding, and creative expression.

The name "Altair" signifies the Eagle, and is derived from a star in the Aquila Constellation, located within the Milky Way galaxy. For years I have felt very alienated to this planet, caused by extreme increases in my body's vibration, and what I felt to be the boarder line state of actual ascension. Ascension from this physical frequency, transcending my body into the frequency of light. As absurd as this may sound to many, Korton has on several occasions referred to me as the silver bullet, whereas the potential was there to "go off" (Ascend) at any moment. Considering the category and profound challenges involved in these spiritual achievements, you will understand how my life has been changed forever.

Because I have added many other rare contents to this seventeen chapter book, I have included several actual communications from Korton, which I've kept in a safe place for many years. The communications are intimately personalized and were never meant for you or anyone else to see. After many years of contemplation, I have now dared to share them with you. They are original, divine, and straight to the point. The actual channeling and realities were so very extraordinary and incredible, that to some of you, they may all appear to be literally absurd. Therefore, it is vital that you continue to keep a very open mind while reading this material. (If you are a genuine telepathic channel for the Ascended Masters, and can accomplish this ability with complete accurately, you are welcome and requested to verify the channeling which can be found on specific pages in this book.) I hereby proclaim to the world that I am really no one special, and if I can obtain these higher levels of spiritual achievement, then so can you! This book offers many extraordinary understandings unveiled, including seven easy steps for telepathic communication. Ultimately, my book may be used as a detailed guide for refining your future spiritual development.

Although my expression is pure, and my experience genuine, some of those who will read this book will cause it all to become very controversial. Therefore I have prepared myself emotionally - not to allow my personal life to depend upon what others say, feel, or even think of me. There is so much more depth to this book than I can express here. Remember, some of my most profound experiences were beyond words. Incredible Reality is literally filled with revelations that will truly capture and hold your attention.

With deep and humble emotion, I must say it has been my very unique pleasure to have virtually interfaced with some of these supreme beings, who are invisible and are absolute masters in the fourth dimensional frequency. Those who are known to be subtle, the very divine entities who remain unseen, and remain protected by their invisibility. Please be aware that the most splendid of all things still awaits your desire, sensitivity, and spiritual awareness.

In simplicity, I have realized a very wise and simple fact The greatest of all teachers, are those who have experienced the things they speak of, for they speak from the very depth of their soul.

When you have completely finished reading the entire book, I feel you will fully realize why it was ultimately called: "Incredible... Reality".

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